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OutRun is a high-speed action shooter!

Control a state of the art HyperTech Zero-G racer as you try to flee the Sprawl with an illicit AI. Your squad will back you up in game with extra fire power when you need it! Try to escape as quickly as possible, or to just survive!

This is a public demo to collect feedback on the game experience before implementing the narrative and full level design, after you've played the game I would greatly appreciate you filling out this 30-second form to hear you thoughts and opinions.


Here are the controls for a gamepad (recommended):

Movement: Left Thumbstick

Shoot: Bottom Face Button (A or X)
Boost: Right Trigger
Brake: Left Trigger

Bank: Shoulder Buttons
Barrel Roll: Bank to opposite side while flicking thumb stick in same direction.

Call in Molly: Left Thumbstick Button
Call in Benjamin: Right Thumbstick Button

Pause: Start/Right Special
Here are the controls for a keyboard:

Movement: Arrows Keys

Shoot: X
Boost: Spacebar
Brake: Left Shift

Bank: Z/C

Call in Molly: Left Alt
Call in Benjamin: Left Ctrl

Pause: Escape


Thanks again for playing, I hope you have lots of fun!! :D

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading! It should be as simple as unzip and run "OutRun.exe"! :)


ProjectOutrun.zip 494 MB

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